Zhongshan bridge chemical enterprise group
Zhongshan bridge chemical group deep China coating industry30For many years,China's top one hundred enterprises,Rely on independent innovation and leading industry,Committed to provide high-quality high-end paint products and leading consulting and coating solutions。
Fruit and innovation of honor
Zhongshan bridge chemical enterprise group has always been guided by scientific and technological innovation,On the basis of fully fusion for reference foreign advanced technology to realize independent innovation,Science and technology has achieved fruitful results。Have many technology patents,Successively award by the national standard、Replace the imported products、The municipal science and technology progress prize、Brand-name products in guangdong province、Famous trademarks of guangdong province and other honorary titles,At the same time actively involved in the industry、Local standards、Community standards,Undertake national provincial related topics26Items,Get money2000More than ten thousand yuan,The national project1A、At the provincial level projects12A、The municipal projects13A。
Scientific research innovation increases strength
For zhongshan bridge chemical enterprise group,Scientific innovation is the key to stand out in the challenging market environment。Bridge chemical industry with the international advanced level of technology research and development center,Have a by academician、Foreign experts、Postdoctoral fellow、Dr、Master of hundreds of research and development team,Concentrated research and development of green environmental protection coating。Take the lead in response to national calls on bridge chemical group,Proposed to water-based paint into a pillar of science and technology“Green bridge project”,Successfully developedVOCContent is extremely low、Fully meet3EA series of water-based coating product principle。
Talent development
Zhongshan bridge chemical enterprise group, the staff as enterprise's most important wealth,Build“First-class enterprise,First-class staff”The grand goal,Attaches great importance to the personal and professional development。Join the bridge chemical group,Means that you can gain not only meet the demand of occupation,You will also have a new stage and the opportunity to realize your personal ambition。Group has its own essence of sichuan schools not only do targeted training on a regular basis,Will also be fully tap the potential of each employee,For you to open the workplace upward path,Let you become infinite possibility。
Six major production base
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